Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pondering Plickers

Plickers?  Plickers?  What is this Plickers you speak of?

Paper + Clickers = Plickers.

What does this mean for you, oh tech fearing friend?

It means that for the cost of about 12 pieces of paper, along with any tablet/smart phone, you can have a customizable student response system.

It's as easy as print, cut, go.

And it's such fun!

Plickers have been a fun bit of novelty, which I'll take at this point in the school year.  Essentially, each student is given their plicker (ideally, print them on cardstock, but don't laminate!) and as you read questions out, they hold their plicker up to the correct answer (each side is assigned a letter.)

You can stand at the front of the room, have your device open to the Plickers app, and with one slow scan of the room, you've just recorded every single student's response!  It's that easy!

And it's that fun, too!

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