Monday, June 30, 2014

Not At ISTE 2014

I may not be at ISTE this year, but boy, am I loving it! I've learned so much just by following #ISTE2014 on twitter - it's almost (not quite) as fun as being there. (I might just be trying to convince myself of that, though.....)

Anyway, here are a few gems that have flowed through the rapidly moving twitter stream.  It's hard to keep up with all the juicy bits of learning!!

Kinda cool to think about....... Kids come in with dreams, let's join them in keeping them.....

And I've yet to see a 4 year old with technology wait for directions on how it works........

My new favorite analogy.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Week One Fun!

What a week!

The Henry Ford Innovation Institute is smack in the middle of the Downtown Campus of the hospital.  And the place is beautiful.  Seriously, meticulously planned and restored..... The island where I've chosen as my work space is made out of recycled tail lights!  Walking in to to the building I can't help but smile, knowing all the innovative thinking that takes place inside!  I will say this, it's about as opposite as you can get to the classroom, it's going to take me a while to get used to the quiet!

Maker Faire Meeting at the recycled tail-light counter!

My week started with a Maker Faire meeting that got me even more excited about the event.  Henry Ford will have a booth (for lack of better word?) there to help build awareness about organ donation.  They have a really neat project people can do!  More details later as I get a better understanding of it!

My view from the Fisher Building!
The marble is over a foot thick!
Another highlight of my week was meeting the neatest guy, who is literally a jack-of-all-trades. He works with Dr. Dulchavsky on a variety of projects, including the ultra sound technology that is used in space!  Jack took me on a tour of the Fisher Building, which is where his company has their office.  The richness of the Fisher Building's history, well, let's just say if history was taught through pictures and stories instead of facts? I may very well have become an historian.

Reminded me of an aquarium accessory!

The final highlight of the week was watching the 3D printer work! I know, that may sound boring to some, but to me, it was fascinating!  Even more fascinating is how they have been able to use 3D printing to aid in medical procedures!  Mind boggling!

The rest of my week was spent brainstorming activities for Maker Faire, and building a social media list to use to promote Maker Faire, and encourage people to come to our booth while there.

I had a great conversation with Dr. Dulchavsky on Wednesday afternoon that really helped me understand more of what The Henry Ford Innovation Institute is doing.  The short version? HFII is working toward discovering inventions and innovations to improve the medical community.  They are also working to build interest and enthusiasm in STEM education for grades 6-12.  (That's what I'll be helping with this summer.)

And on that note..... I can't wait to see what next week brings!

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Summer Ever!

I'm taking a line from my students, cause this really is gonna be The Best Summer Ever!

Why?  Because tomorrow I start my internship at the Henry Ford Innovation Institute!  Last Thursday, I spent a few hours down there meeting everyone, and learning a bit more about what happens there, and all I can say (again) is that this is going to be The Best Summer Ever!

The institute is housed in the auditorium (renovated!) where Henry Ford used to hand out nursing degrees!

I will be spending two days a week working with a crew of incredible Thinkers, helping out wherever I'm needed.  While I don't know specifically what I'll be working on each week, I do know a few things, and those alone are enough to make this The Best Summer Ever!

One of the tasks I'll be helping with is assisting the team in developing a STEM curriculum for for grades 6-12.  Another task will be helping out at Maker Faire Detroit on July 26-27.  Um, hello? I'm gonna be helping with a weekend event where over 400 "thinkers" are sharing their projects?  Go ahead, twist my arm.

Anyway, I plan to document this learning experience as it happens, so if your summer isn't looking to be awesome, you are welcome to share in The Best Summer Ever with me!  (though, if you're reading this, you're likely an educator, and I know that you need no plans in place to enjoy summer!)

P.S.  Come to Maker Faire.  Seriously.  You won't regret it.  Click HERE to learn more!

P.P. S.  Check out the Institute, too!  You'll be amazed at what they're working on these days!

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Our Coding Journey

Check out our semester of coding!  The Thinkers took our experience with Hour of Code and ran with it.  In fact, they're still running!  The games that have been created, the challenges that have been overcome, the unlikely relationships forged, the experiences..... All I gotta say is WOW.

Oh, and as far as next year goes?  
Coding class will begin the second week of school.
Yep.  It's that important.  
It's that powerful.  
It's that crucial to so many skills, that I'll continue devoting 
at least 45 minutes a week to regular coding class.

Wanna come play with us? Let me know!