Monday, June 23, 2014

The Best Summer Ever!

I'm taking a line from my students, cause this really is gonna be The Best Summer Ever!

Why?  Because tomorrow I start my internship at the Henry Ford Innovation Institute!  Last Thursday, I spent a few hours down there meeting everyone, and learning a bit more about what happens there, and all I can say (again) is that this is going to be The Best Summer Ever!

The institute is housed in the auditorium (renovated!) where Henry Ford used to hand out nursing degrees!

I will be spending two days a week working with a crew of incredible Thinkers, helping out wherever I'm needed.  While I don't know specifically what I'll be working on each week, I do know a few things, and those alone are enough to make this The Best Summer Ever!

One of the tasks I'll be helping with is assisting the team in developing a STEM curriculum for for grades 6-12.  Another task will be helping out at Maker Faire Detroit on July 26-27.  Um, hello? I'm gonna be helping with a weekend event where over 400 "thinkers" are sharing their projects?  Go ahead, twist my arm.

Anyway, I plan to document this learning experience as it happens, so if your summer isn't looking to be awesome, you are welcome to share in The Best Summer Ever with me!  (though, if you're reading this, you're likely an educator, and I know that you need no plans in place to enjoy summer!)

P.S.  Come to Maker Faire.  Seriously.  You won't regret it.  Click HERE to learn more!

P.P. S.  Check out the Institute, too!  You'll be amazed at what they're working on these days!

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