Friday, January 9, 2015

Stem The Gap

Well, well, well.  Seems this year is bringing a bit of luck to my Thinkers and me!

Waaayyyyy back in August, our new principal (whom I hadn't yet met) sent us an email for a grant opportunity through Dow.  It wasn't a complicated process, actually.  There were three short answer questions and the basic information to be provided, and that was that.

So, I did it.

I really wanted a 3D printer for my classroom, and maybe a few more Chromebooks, or there was a new tech toy I wanted the class to have (these really cool mini robots that followed your pencil/marker lines!)

Then I forgot about it.

Like completely and totally forgot.

Until now.

This week, my principal walked into my room and said "I need to talk to you."

That always, always, always makes my stomach drop.  And I usually reply with a "what did I do this time?!"

Except this time, I didn't do anything.  (And usually, I haven't done anything either.)

Except submit a grant application.  Back in August.

Which I was awarded.

That's three grants in twelve months.  I don't know about you, but maybe it's time to play the lottery?

Anyway, the Thinkers homework next week is to brainstorm ways we can spend the funds, that way, when the check arrives, we'll be ready to shop!


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