Sunday, July 19, 2015


Yes.  Yes.  YES.
Life isn't like those strangely sized garments that have a "one size fits all" label sewn in the back.  Neither is the world of education.  Let's remember that, k?

I know, I'm likely preaching to the choir here.  Probably those of you that read this blog already "get" education and where it is.  And most of you probably aren't thrilled. 

 It's like that standard discussion that we have on a fairly regular basis -- we are expected to differentiate (remember that buzz word?) instruction for our students, yet as teachers, our professional development is standardized?  The tests our students are required to take are standardized?  The students that come to us are far from standardized, yet they're expected to succeed on the same standards, the same assessments, in the same time frame?  Where in the world is that even possible?

I'm glad that we have educators like Ken Robinson and Ron Ritchhart and Pernille Ripp and Will Richardson and Tony Vincent and Nicholas Provenzano and Kevin Honeycutt and SO many others that I could mention.  It's people like them, people like US, that are going to make sure we keep kids at the forefront of education.  Each and every child, and all their differences, everyone can learn.

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