Sunday, February 21, 2016

Departures and Arrivals II

Departing is such sweet sorrow.... Unless you're dealing with the airlines!

Seriously, though. Despite the airlines messing up our reservations AGAIN, we had a smooth flight from Tel Aviv to Paris.  I happily slept through what smelled like a fairly unappetizing breakfast before succumbing to the fact that two hours of sleep was all I'd be getting.  The Paris macaroons were gorgeous!  I mean, the Paris croissants were amazing!  The Paris airport was beautiful!  They had these living walls throughout the terminal that were filled with lush green foliage. And did I mention the croissants?!  (My body is so stoked that it will once again be gluten free now that I'm home!)

There were these really neat pods for listening to music, several different video game kiosks, two adorable kids play areas, and tons of high end shopping. We spent the first three hours of our layover relaxing in these funky chairs and lounge couches before heading to the gate.  I wanted to sleep, but I couldn't. I was way too excited about the fact that I'd be home with Sparky in 14 hours or less.  It has was a WonderFULL trip, but a long time to be gone. 

The Paris to Detroit flight was l-o-n-g, but at least there were good movies and I had an outlet to plug my devices into. Lunch was interesting.  Curried chicken.  Thankfully, I brought a croissant with me!  I watched some more episodes of the Goldbergs, the Minons movie, The Pianist, and Pitch Perfect Two.  I played Minecraft most of the way home since for some reason, even being awake that long, naps were hard to come by.

Baggage, customs, all that crud went fine, and surprisingly quick!  Our driver was prompt and we loaded into hiss warm car. I literally dragged my bags upstairs, took the quickest shower of my life (yep, felt that gross from 22 hours of travel) and went straight to pick up Sparky and see my niece. My original goal was to make it till 7:30, but considering it's 6:20 and I can hardly keep my eyes open?  Good night world!

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