Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back to school......

Every year, the first official work day kicks off with a staff meeting.

Every year the staff meeting is scheduled to last one hour.

Every year, we watch one hour come.... and go.

This year was no different.

An hour and thirty-five minutes later, we dispersed into our classrooms..... or, at least, we were allowed to head back into our rooms and work.  But, since this is usually the BEST staff meeting of the year, we lingered.

Staff meeting and best in the same sentence?  How is that possible?

Well, because at my school, we're like family.  And as this first staff meeting back is the first time we're all back together, it's a pretty fun reunion.  Kinda like when kids get shipped off to camp for the summer, and at first, it's all fun and games - the kids are having a ball at camp and the parents are loving the kid-free time.  But eventually you hit a place, where, while you don't want camp and summer to end, you really want to have everyone home and together.

Which usually lasts for a few days before you want to send the kids back to camp.

At my school, while we really don't enjoy the end of summer...... it IS nice to be back together again!

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