Monday, October 6, 2014

BHS Foundation Fun!

Last year, I applied for a grant through the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation.  It was quite thrilling to be awarded the funds to purchase four Chromebooks and four MaKeyMaKeys.  Below you can see a quick five minute video of how they were incorporated into the classroom.

Tonight, the BHS Foundation hosted a Fair, held at the Bowers School Farm, so that the BHS Foundation board, and the community of donors could see where their funds went.  While I don't mind presenting, this time around?  I figured it would be better to call in the experts!

Eight of my Thinkers from last year came out for the evening, along with our Coding teacher (now a 9th grader) to share their experience with coding and the MaKey MaKey with the community.  They.  Were.  WONDERFUL!  I was so proud of them!

When you have the kids in your room for a whole year, you know how awesome they are there.  When you take the same kids and put them center stage in public..... things can go either way.  Not with these Thinkers.  They rose to the occasion, and did a fantastic job sharing the gift of our grant at the Fair.

It was a pretty cool feeling, watching these ten year olds present to their Superintendent, school board members, and Foundation board members.  They may be only ten but they are already pros!

This year, my class (yes, they helped!) is applying for another Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation grant.  Only this time..... we're shooting for the moon!  I am hoping to be awarded the funds to purchase a 3-D printer for my classroom.  You can check out that video on the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation page (and please like it while you're there, that counts as a vote!)

I am SO grateful to the Foundation for the opportunity to apply for grants.  We all know that education funding is tight, and too much spending comes out of teacher's own pockets.  It's through organizations and foundations like this that we get the bits of help that can make more magic happen!

If you don't have Facebook, here's what we're hoping to get this year.
Please tell your friends to vote for it on the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation page!

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