Sunday, October 26, 2014


That is SO not what I'm talking about.  Get your mind back in the classroom!

I just registered our third grade to go to the Detroit Institute of Arts for a field trip later this year.  Fingers crossed that our application gets accepted.  Why does it need accepting?  Because the DIA provides FREE (yes, completely free) field trips for those in the tri-county area.  Even better, they also provide FREE transportation.  How cool is that?!  I registered us for a guided tour that will focus on making thinking visible, with an emphasis on the IB Key Concepts.  I'm super excited and hopeful that not only will our application be accepted, but that the kids will have as great of a learning experience as I think they will!  Oh, and if you're not my neighbor, check out your local museums and see what they offer.

However, that trip is quite a ways off.

And as I really like field trips, I may get kind of impatient.

Thankfully, our district owns and operates a fully functioning Farm as well as an incredible Nature Center, both of which all grades K-8 visit multiple times a year.  Yes, this field trip has a cost, but it's worth it to experience hands on learning in multiple content areas at both locations throughout the year.  Our first visit to the Nature Center is coming up in December, where we'll get to play with rocks as we focus on geology.  We go back to the Nature Center in March for Maple Tapping and Pioneer Day.  We go to the Farm twice, too, I just don't remember when third grade goes (fourth grade goes in September and May.)

Aside from the district trips, though..... This year I have discovered the joys of virtual trippin' and I'm loving them!  I can't believe it's taken me this long to bring field trips to my classroom instead of the other way around!  Best of all, they are FREE!  So far my class has been to a Culture Concert in New York, we're going to the White House kitchen this week, as well as on a Polar Bear Excursion.  In November we'll be traveling through eco-systems looking for connections, and learning about marine animal conservation.  All without spending a penny.  All without leaving the classroom.

So, my friends, I know that not all districts have the funds for extra trips, and I know that sometimes we just can't get out for trips whether it's our choice or not.  Well, now you don't need to spend money and you don't need to leave the room.  All you need is an internet connection and a projector (and a computer of course) and your students can travel and learn and explore without walking out the door!

Happy trippin'!

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