Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Action Again?

Way back in December, I shared how my class had completed two action projects thus far.

Well, we took a little more action.

It's important to me that when we have our class parties and celebrations, that we do more than just focus on ourselves.  So for the past several years (ok, the first class I initiated this challenge to are now high school juniors) at every class party, we've incorporated an action project of some sort.

Halloween, being the first party of the year, is a bit tricky, and we've done several repeats.  That's fine by me, because the projects are very age appropriate.  We generally decorate a candy bag, and the kids either collect candy for charity, or donate their own, which then is sent to a local organization that usually works with kids.  Collecting for Gleaners this year was a first.

For our Winter Celebration, we've done SO many things!  We've made sock snowmen to donate, we've collected food (like we did this year,) we've made pillows, collected gloves and hats, all to donate.

Valentine's Day, however, has been the most varied.  In the past we've collected hand sanitizer and bagged up nicely for homeless shelters, we've collected supplies for blessing bags, we've made cards and taken them to Catching Fireflies (an awesome store if you haven't been there!) to donate.

The past two years we've participated in DoSomething.org's Love Letters campaign.  It's fun, easy, and oh-so-meaningful for kids of all ages.  Essentially, DoSomething compiled a list of Meals on Wheels and other similar services in each state.  They give you some basic guidelines as to what kids should include on the card, and that's it!

My class really got into it this year, and wrote some of the sweetest notes that I know will brighten someone's otherwise lonely Valentine's Day.

Action really can be simple, but the act of action?  Always a powerful one.

Here's what the kids had to say about it....

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