Monday, March 30, 2015

Building Foundation

We talk all the time about how important a strong foundation is.  There's also a quote that expresses this in a slightly different, yet inspiring way.  The goal of parenting is to "give your kids wings, and give them roots."

"They have mastered many skills," she [Marnie Diem] said.
"Just this week, some students and I presented a workshop at the
Michigan Association for Computer Use in Learning.  The teachers
were very impressed with the skill levels of the students.
I felt like a proud mom.  I was in tears, I was so pleased with
what they had learned."  (Yes, I'm a sap!)
I think that we are lucky in Bloomfield Hills.  We have a supportive board, supportive administrators, and now, a fantastic foundation.

The mission of the Bloomfield Hills Schools Foundation is "to support the BHS by engaging with our community in funding innovative and unique academic and enrichment programs that continue our tradition of providing the best in public school education."

In other words, the Foundation is willing to support our roots.

And the grants they award help teachers spread our wings.

I'm lucky, I've been awarded two grants from the Foundation, both of which have drastically impacted the learning experiences in my classroom.  And yes, I just submitted my third grant application.  This would bring a set of iPad keyboards to my Thinkers, making our constant use of Google Classroom that much simpler.

Support comes in many forms when you're an educator - sometimes it's the parent who helped organize the new math materials you ordered.  Sometimes it's the group of parents that organize the class parties.  Sometimes it's the email from a colleague thanking you for your help with something.  Sometimes it's a scribbled note from a third grader proclaiming their love for you.  And sometimes it's in the form of financial support.  Whatever it may be, it is appreciated!

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