Saturday, March 21, 2015

Goals: MACUL

My first MACUL experience was two years ago when it was at Cobo.  That would be, um, March 2013.  It was Ah-May-Zing!  I felt like I was home!  Surrounded by people who are interested in educational technology from those taking their first venture in to those with enviable experience - those two days were magical!

I went with my friend Erica, who was teaching at a private school in Lake Orion at the time.  On our drive home from day two, I remember very clearly saying that next year, I'd present, and the following year, when it was back at Cobo, I'd bring a student showcase.

Welp.  Here we are.  March 2015.  Back at Cobo.  Goals?  Smashed.

In Grand Rapids at MACUL 2014, I presented two sessions.  One was a two-hour hands on session on classroom websites.  The second was a one hour session on taking baby steps into the world of educational technology.  It was nerve-wracking, presenting to peers from across the state and beyond, but, once again, I found myself among my "peeps," those who are looking to gain more knowledge and experience in the world of educational technology.

That's goal two, checked off the list.

This year.  MACUL 2015.  Back at Cobo.  Goal? Bring a student showcase.  Met goal?


Smashed it out of the park.

Not only did I present three sessions, I also had TWO student showcases.  One on Thursday for the regular showcase, and one on Friday, as a part of MACULs first ever MakerSpace.

Let me tell you, I may not be a parent, but watching my Thinkers sharing their learning experiences with completely strangers?  I did tear up.  Multiple times.  They blew me away.  But that's a whole different post.

It was a bit surreal, to see my goals realized like that.  But now I get to set new ones..... Key note?  Featured presenter?  Not sure yet, but I do know, come Grand Rapids 2016, I'll be back with student showcases, presentations, and this time around, I get to help organize the MakerSpace!

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