Sunday, March 16, 2014

MACUL: Big Ideas

This was the theme of this year's conference.  Ignite Learning.  And lots and lots of learning was definitely ignited!

I spent the last two days soaking in all the Macul goodness, and trying to come up with the BIG IDEAS gleaned from the conference.  It's not been an easy task!  As I tweeted toward the end of the conference, I definitely need a brain-cpu upgrade, so many great tidbits from Macul that I can't process them all!  I was so sad to leave at the end of my two wonderful days, and I'm already looking forward to next year's conference in Detroit!

Anyway, the BIG IDEAS of the two days?  Here you go:

Making info graphics!
  • Adam Bellow should be president, or at least secretary of education. His vision for education, which was shared by probably every person at Macul, is one that needs to infect the nation.
  • We need to give kids a little more freedom, and a little less directions.  School should not be sucking the love out of learning.  Teach kids to embrace the "how can I make it better?" motto instead of the "am I done yet?" mantra.
  • Allow kids to focus on what fascinates them.  We need to empower them to explore what they're passionate about, which, chances are they have no idea because they're never asked what matters to them.  Don't focus on the right answer, focus on getting GREAT answers.
  • As teachers, it's time to break the chains that hold us back.  Instead of worrying about "what's the worst that could happen?" we can shift perspectives, and think about "what's the best that could happen?"
  • Oregon Trail or Organ Trail??
  • Finally, and most importantly, it's all about the relationship.  No amount of technology will ever replace relationship.  Too many kids have a story to tell and don't feel they can.  Build that relationship.  Empower them to be heard.

More to come……..

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