Friday, March 28, 2014


Have you ever seen the prize patrol?  The one for Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstatkes?  (The one I don't think anyone ever wins?!)

It wasn't quite as loud, and it wasn't televised, but the Bloomfield Hills Foundation Prize Patrol came to my class today!  Now, I'm not one that is easily taken by surprise (or, maybe I am.......) but this was a complete shock!

I requested four Chromebooks and four MaKeyMaKeys for my class, as we've really been into coding and programming and such, and well, if you know MaKeyMaKey, you'd want one too!

Short and sweet the visit was, but it left a lasting imprint on my Thinkers and I.  The fourth graders could not stop talking about it all day, and that only fueled my excitement.  Order is in, and we are ready to see what we can MaKeyMakey!

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