Sunday, April 13, 2014

Making Thinking Visible

This info graphic came across my feed this morning and it was too good not to pass on.  While my school is an International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme school, Visible Thinking Routines are a part of our every day teaching.

I love the simplicity of the routines, most of which require little set up (which is always nice!)  Though they may be simple, these routines are quite powerful in helping reveal to students what they're really, truly thinking, and helps them deepen their understandings in general.

We tend to use "What Makes You Say That" a lot.  It's a fun routine to combine with our Twitter board, as students have to  justify their response.  Another one I love is "See, Think, Wonder" because that routine can be applied on the fly, for anything.

This info graphic doesn't cover all the routines, but it does give a wonderful overview in a fairly friendly format.  The source of the graphic is listed below, and takes you to the Langwitches blog, where you may get lost for a while.  Well…… at least I got lost for a while!

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