Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Book Club Projects

I always loved to read. I still do.

Back in school, we had to do book reports every month, probably from 2nd grade through 6th grade.

I always loved to read.

I always found the book reports tedious and pointless. They were always the same. Complete a written report, add an illustration, and hand it in.  In grade school, we created little folders with construction paper, glued the illustration on the front, stapled our writing inside.  In middle school it was fancier, with the clear plastic cover.

But no matter how you sliced it, it was always the same.
And for someone who loved reading, loved writing, and loved drawing........ even I didn't enjoy them. 

Which is why, while I'm an absolute advocate of reading, writing, and drawing, and I think "book reports" are a useful way to share good books with others...... the delivery method has been desperate for an overhaul.

Thanks to lots and lots of amazing teachers who share their ideas online and offline, I've continued to play with a variety of "report" methods. The three clips you see here are the "reports" for three different groups during our Economic Book Clubs.  I gave the class the freedom to choose any method to showcase their learnings from the book and sell it to another reader.  Three groups chose to do book trailers.  Two groups did plays (not shown for privacy reasons) and one group did a poster.  It was clear that the groups understood the stories, made the requested economic connections, practiced their discussion and presentation skills...... and more than that, enjoyed the end project nearly as much as the book!

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