Saturday, April 5, 2014

What do YOU Care About?

This image came across my Facebook feed earlier today and I had to share it.  I mean, it is SO true, at least in my mind!  I may have said this before, but my motto is "I teach kids, not subjects."  And I care about those kids, not about their test scores.

What if they fail a test? you might be wondering.  That's a definite possibility.  But I don't worry about that, either.  See, if a student in my class fails a test, I don't care about that score.  I care about what that score tells me, which is that this student did not fully understand the material taught.  What that score shows me is that because I care about my student, I want to go back and reteach, find a different way to help this child understand the necessary material.  Do I care what the end score is?  Not at all.  All that score tells me is if I was able to make the material understandable in a way that made sense to this student.  If I didn't succeed, then I need to try again.

Anyway, off my soap-box for the moment.  In reading the fine print on this quote, it led me to an amazing website by Krissy Venosdale called Venspired: Living a Life of Learning.  I got lost on the site as there is an absolute abundance of amazing (and inspiring!) learning tools!  She makes thought-provoking motivating posters and the whole site is full of wisdom-y tidbits that I can't wait to dive into!

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